A fond farewell

These are, in some ways, bitter sweet times for us. We are writing to let you know that we have sold our 1270 acre farming property at Rock constant pressure of doing our very best to ensure that we were optimising the potential of our outstanding vineyardy Gully, which includes the vineyards whose grapes were used to produce Old Kent River wines.

On the one hand, we will be pleased to be relieved of the farm. This involved meticulous pruning, which often took place on really cold winter days, ensuring that picking occurred at just the right fruit ripeness, netting to avoid bird damage, monitoring the progress of the wines in the winery and finally selling the wines through our cellar door and to you our loyal customers through the newsletter. In addition, we had to manage a large number of sheep and our marron ponds.

On the other side of the coin is the huge satisfaction that we have derived from the quality of our Old Kent River wines and the enjoyment they have provided to so many people. We really appreciated the numerous times that we received very positive feed back from people all over the country and the acknowledgement of their quality through the many awards that the wines received in wine shows.

Soon after we planted our first vines in 1985, it became apparent that we had been correct in assuming that Pinot Noir was

particularly well suited to our soil and the cool climate at Rocky Gully. The quality of this variety was so exceptional that Domaine Chandon shipped some of our grapes all the way to Victoria so that it could make a crucial contribution to its premium sparkling wine. Pinot remained our best variety, was used in great vintages to produce our premium wine, which we named Burls, and also the sparkling wine which we called Diamontina.

We are very pleased with the 2018 Pinot Noir and are really excited at the quality of the 2016 Diamondtina, which as usual includes a large contribution of Pinot Noir and is arguably the best sparkling wine we have made. The 2018 Pinot Noir will become available mid-July and the 2016 Diamontina is available now.

Please note that, while we will be closing our cellar door on 1 July, our wines will still available until they are sold out.

We both thank you greatly for your support over the years and hope that you will have a few bottles of Old Kent River wines tucked away for the future. We have done so and now really look forward to relaxing and enjoying retirement.