Old Kent River focuses on the wine styles that suit their unique terroir and site, only making wines with fruit sourced from our own family run vineyards. As a serious cool-climate, single-vineyard wine producer they realise that there are no short cuts to making great wine.

Our winemaker Marius Mencel has known the Noack family since 2002. As a Pinot Noir fiend, he has always liked the wines and saw the incredible potential of the varieties planted in the vineyard. Since then, in an unofficial and limited capacity, he has been involved with Old Kent River making wine trials, advising on different pinot noir clones as well as vineyard trellis decisions.

As of the 2017 vintage Marius is now responsible for all Old Kent River winemaking. His winemaking philosophy is very simple: respect the fruit, respect the variety, respect the terroir.

After a successful career in engineering, following his passion Marius graduated from his Bachelor of Science (Viticulture and Oenology) in 2004 with a High Distinction, the Dux of his course and the Talijancich / Leeuwin Scholarship award. Now, as a qualified and experienced winemaker he has ten vintages under his belt. Six of those in Western Australia, two in St Emilion, another in Hermitage along with the Napa Valley.

He works very closely with the vineyard manager throughout the entire year to ensure exceptional fruit quality at harvest. The fruit is picked in small batches of half to one tonne lots based on clones and rows within the vineyard. Each batch is then processed separately to retain its individuality, stored in hogsheads and puncheons for a minimum of 12 months, of which 33% to 50% are new oak. These small batches then provide the winemaker with many blending possibilities to hand craft the perfectly balanced wine.