The first wines made at Old Kent River were Pinot Noir and a sparkling wine.

Rocky Gully Vineyard

The first Chardonnay was produced in 1992 and, by the 1994 vintage, both the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were receiving accolades from wine writers in both Western Australia and the eastern states.

The Family

The Vineyard

When Debbie became pregnant in 1985 and decided to stay at home, she planted some Pinot Noir and Chardonnay to keep herself occupied. These plantings were also aimed at diversifying the activities on the property. Such a policy proved highly beneficial when the bottom dropped out of wool prices and sheep rearing thus became a far less profitable business.


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Cellar Door & Slow Food Café

For its Cellar Door Sales, Old Kent River rented a traditional old dance hall that is located on the South Coast Highway, half way between Denmark and Walpole and only 18km from the famous tree top walk. This cellar door offers travelers the opportunity to taste the full range of Old Kent River wines, including the limited release Burls Pinot Noir and Diamondtina Sparkling Wine.

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Online Cellar

Old Kent River Winery is offering a great choice of sophisticated wines. The Old Kent River vineyards are located in the Great Southern wine region of Western Australia, where they receive the cooling influence of the Southern Ocean 50 km to the south.


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Mark's Marron Venture

When he was a child growing up in the country, Mark Noack became very interested in Marron, a freshwater crustacean that was endemic to south-western Australia. Thus, in 1985, he stocked one of his dams with this delicious “crayfish”.



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